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Villa Bulan Madu Gili Air -  Eine Oase im Paradies

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You perhaps will be surprised that Bulan Madu (german management) offers also exclusive properties, this has a quite special reason.

We are working in Indonesia in the most different areas and were confronted with the question again and again for ca.35 years,

 “How I can legally purchase land or do business in Indonesia”.

We have each other determinedly now to offer our experience as a service. In our team are specialists, notaries and advocates we have proved over many years in the cooperation with us to be absolutely loyal and trustworthy.

By our connections comes we are able to offer properties not on the immoveable market yet. All relevant basic papers have been checked for value and legality by our team.

We do not utilize any properties of brokers but only of the owner and which ones avoid a commission avalanche with that would make

Beachview to Gili Air

Beachview to Lombok

Backland of the property

Backland of the property

Backland of the property

Backland of the property

Beachfront with the view from the boat

Our first offer on Lombok


more expensive the properties immensely. With us the quality and not the quantity counts. For this reason our offer will always remain easily comprehensible and exclusive.


For our first offer

This is a property of 1.8 hectares on Sira Indah in Lombok directly on the beach. The little island of Gili Air lies opposite the 95 meters long white beach. Three property owners for the sale have combined. All three properties have country certificates.

The common land prices are in Sira Indah between 35 and 100 dollars per square meter. We offer this property for 45 dollars per square meter.

Total price U.S. $810,000. The property only is sold as whole. The hotel Oberoi, hotel Tugu and a big golf course are located in the direct environment. Electric cables are transferred up to the property. There is groundwater.

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