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Villa Bulan Madu
Gili Air

An Oasis In Paradise

Enjoy your holidays in the newly built villa resort Bulan Madu - Gili Air. Five villas, each of them with its own Bruga and private, well-kept garden are located in a tropical environment. The bungalows have their beach right at their front doors and are well furnished, ready to live your dream holidays.

Even divers get their moneys’ worth, three world famous diving spots are located directly at Gili Air with its fascinating aquatic realm.

By the way BULAN MADU is an Indonesian term and means honeymoon. Honeymoon implicates inextinguishable beautiful memories with your partner in a dream surrounding.

Please come to the “oasis in paradise”, to Gili Air, one of the three small Gili islands before the island of Lombok near Bali in Indonesia.

   The beach

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