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Bulan Madu - Gili Air

Welcome to Massage & Spa Center Bulan Madu - Gili Air.

Leave everyday life behind you and immerse yourself in a world of rest and relaxation.

Bookings directly at the lobby


Appointments & Bookings

Make an appointment in our lobby in a relaxed manner. Together we will find a suitable date for your time to switch off.

Do something good for your body so that your soul will enjoy living in it.”

- Theresa of Avila -

We go on vacation to relax,

but we travel to fulfillment.


Our range of massages is diverse and covers a wide range of different treatments.

Please feel free to find out more in our lobby.


Other offers

Take a look at our entire offer in the brochure in the lobby and let our specialists advise you on which treatment is right for you.

The world belongs to him,

who enjoys it.

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